We offer a free, one-hour consultation to meet you, discuss your needs, and offer suggestions on how to begin the process

Relocation Planning

  • Establish a timeline for the move
  • Prepare customized floor plan for your new home
  • Sort to identify what to keep, sell, donate, or disperse to family members
  • Engage resale specialists for the sale of your items
  • Arrange for utility transfer and change of address


  • Packing items in orderly fashion according to new home plan
  • Carefully label all boxes


  • Assist with selection of moving company
  • Supervise movers
  • Direct loading and unloading of your things
  • Place furniture and belongings according to your plan
Settling In

  • Unpack boxes and dispose of packing materials
  • Set up all rooms
  • Hang pictures, make beds, arrange lamps and accessories
  • Set up home electronics

Additional Services

  • Assist with selection of Realtor for sale of current home
  • Prepare home for sale (repairs, painting, etc)
  • Schedule cleaning of home
  • Arrange for shipment of items if necessary
  • Shop for items for your new home

Aging in Place

  • Improve safety and accessibility
  • Make necessary adjustments to your current home